Coach Robin's Story

I’ve been in the Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy profession for the past thirty years. In many ways this career is a good fit, but it's demanding, physically and emotionally, and takes its toll on me. The average tenure in this field is five to six years!

I’m also a person who drove myself through endurance athletics; namely marathons and triathlons. I still love the benefits of these sports, but the limits that I pushed myself to were driven by a need to “find myself.” Like Randy, much of my past was painful.

Several years ago, I began to realize that I needed a change. Something had to give, so I found myself at a career-cross road. Randy had been coaching me through this change. This process has helped me to understand myself. My mindsets and beliefs have expanded to entirely new levels and I’m gaining clarity as to my purpose in life. Most of all, I’m learning the system that Randy uses and it really works!

The more we have worked together, the more we saw that our passions and purposes are very similar. I too, want to understand myself and my purpose in life. I want a career built upon the core of who I am; one that fulfills, rather than depletes me. I want to help people, as I have done in my therapy career, but without sacrificing my body to do so. I want to make a difference in the world.

That’s why back in 2017, I made the decision to work less in my former profession while serving as a Trainer and Coach too. Randy asked me to be his business partner and Purpose to Profit Training, Coaching and Consulting was born. We’ve worked hard to translate Randy’s methods and materials into a format that can help other people…especially other "wild stallions and mares." We can’t wait to work with you!