The Freely Receive Business Model

We operate under a unique Freely Receive Business Model. GAP Crosser Level 1 members are invited to use our products and services without charge. We will sell some products and services not included in the level one membership when we have significant overhead costs involved in providing them to you.

All of our products are copyrighted material and come with the following restrictions:

  1. They are for your personal use only.
  2. They may not be reproduced in part or in full by any means.
  3. They may not be sold under any circumstance.

4. They may only be shared through appropriate links provided by us, that allow your invitee to access the product through their own GAP Crosser - level 1 membership.

We ask all GAP Crosser members to consider the Give-it-Forward program to extend this gift to future members.

Please refer to our Terms of Service for other details about the use of our website, products, and services.