Getting Started

We help people in three basic ways:

  1. Crossing the GAPs between where you currently are and a more perfect reality
  2. Improving your relational connection with God, yourself and others
  3. Aligning your life more closely with your life's purpose

All together, the GAP Crosser process has seven levels to it. Right now you're bridging through an overview of the system towards Level One. Here are seven steps you can take to cross this bridge.

Step 1 - Get more information

You won't half-heatedly change your life, unless its for the worst. GAP Crossing requires commitment and dedication. Because of this, we encourage you to make an informed decision. Begin by reading these pages on our website:

Step 2 - Become a GAP Crosser Member

Step 3 - Determine your "WHY?"

Step 4 - Put the right words in your mouth.

Step 5 - Sign up for "Overview of the Journey" Orientation.

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Step 6 - Download your Level 1 Process Map

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Step 7 - Invite people you care about to take this journey with you!

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