The Purpose to Profit Story

First we'll tell you a little about the company, then we'll explain how we got started.

About Purpose to Profit

Purpose to Profit is a training, coaching and consulting company owned and operated by Coaches Randy Pipes and Robin Covert. We specialize in helping people to profit in life and business by aligning with their life’s purpose.. This is a journey of GAP Crossing and involves identifying where you've been, having a clear understanding of where you are, and knowing what your more perfect reality looks like. At the center of all this is improved relationships with God, self and others.

As we began this journey, we realized our backgrounds are diverse, but have created similar passions in each of us. These common passions have become the core of our collective business journey together. We set out to build a business built on the belief that every person has the God-given right to:

  • Lead themselves into a future that fits; one that excites and fulfills them
  • Create a life and business that flows from the core of who they are
  • Maintain a lifestyle that is more energized than depleted
  • Redeem their past frustration and pain, using them as tools to move forward
  • Help others by sharing things that come natural to them
  • Make the world a better place, one changed life at a time!
  • Be rewarded financially for doing work that flows from the inside of them

See, we have the awesome privilege of sharing what we’ve learned with people in similar situations.

When we started Purpose to Profit, the goal was simple. We wanted to share what we had learned about living and working from your purpose. We heard many people talk about purposeful living. But most of them seemed to live driven lives. 

Why We Do What We Do? – You might be surprised to know that it’s not ultimately for the money or recognition. Our faith is the primary motivation for everything that we do; something we hope comes through everything in a very natural way. Secondarily, we are both on path to live and to model abundant life; something that seems so rare these days. We simply want to pass on the good life that we are experiencing ourselves. It seems only right to do this because the core of our belief is that we are each designed to be an Extraordinary, Abundant Contribution to the world! We don’t want to live to work and we don’t want to work to live. We instead, what our work to be a living expression of who we are. We believe everything else falls into place after that

.Our Story

Purpose to Profit started out as a business venture between two friends. I (Randy) was bi-vocational, working as pastor and also subcontracting as a leadership development coach for businesses.

Robin, who was a longtime member and associate pastor at my church, had been in the health care industry for 26 years when we began discussing business possibilities.  

These weekly business meetings went on for awhile, discussing a new method of training and coaching, based on a unique seven-step model I had been developing. The idea was to help people profit by understanding and living from their life's purpose. I discovered the seven steps as a repeated pattern in Scripture and had been fine tuning the application of this model for several years. It seemed the right time to take this type of training and coaching to a higher level. We decided to create a line of products and services, based on this system.

Our initial business launch was built on an internet marketing strategy. I spent a lot of personal time and money learning how to do this kind of marketing. To leverage time, we hired a small team of amazing contractors to do a variety of things so we would be free to focus on what we did best, caring for people.

Our intentions were good, and our business strategy seemed wise. One by one, we created amazing eProducts while managing our team and doing what we felt was necessary to be successful in our business. The goal was a lifestyle business that flowed from the inside out; something we called, "The Business Inside You." The logic was, if it came from 
inside you, it would energize you and you'd feel alive and fulfilled each day!

Even with our team, the work days got longer and we were investing seven days a week into our work. This went on for awhile and we became more exhausted and agitated as time passed.

Then the epiphany came. Robin said, "We're not living what we're selling. We're telling people there's freedom in this kind of life and work, but we're not free!"

Discussions ensued and the thought of promoting hypocrisy was repulsive to both of us. Eventually we made a conscious decision to pull back from our efforts. We released our team and dove into leadership development for businesses, where we enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) a lot of success working for other companies.

The message we wanted to promote was correct. We believe it came from God. The problem was, we were both "noisy inside." No matter how hard an individual chases peace, the unrest inside of of them will always be reproduced in what they do. That certainly was true for us. 

While working on our business coaching arm of Purpose to Profit, we personally and collectively devoted three years to our personal transformation and the internalization of our own unique journeys with Christ. 

The "re-launch" of our initial vision wasn't really much of a launch at all. It's more of an expression of the Christ, that we've internalized. It's not built on marketing or promotion. It's not about building a name or a brand, or even a business. It's about living. It's about being real. It's about sharing the Christ in us, and that's what brought us to you.