The Three Phases of a GAP Crosser

A truly successful life cannot be defined solely on the basis of material ownership and achievement. What does it profit to gain the whole world at the expense of love, peace, joy, healthy relationships, or physical, emotional, and spiritual health?

As important as it is to define “Where” we want to go in life, understanding “Who” we want to “BE” is even more important. As we drill down farther, the “Why” behind our desires is what drives everything. Keep in mind, our deepest intentions and motives are often hidden from us behind defensive systems of wounds and fears.

To successfully cross our GAPs in life, we must transition, not only outwardly, but also in our perceptions, beliefs, and mindsets. There are three distinct phases in the GAP Crosser journey.

Discovering where we belong

This phase should be seen as the beginning of the GAP Crossing process. It involves seeing the potential of a more perfect version of reality, in relation to where we currently find ourselves.

This phase is the first step towards finding a better fit which happens as we understand our identity or signature solution to the need God had for placing us here.

This is where we get a revelation and chance to meet our perfect self, allowing us to internalize a seed of self-worth (personal value). This is about discovering our unique genius, our extraordinary design, calling, and purpose.

This phase challenges the sources of our sense of self-worth. We were not designed to function outside of Christ. He is our context for life – the Way into the purpose for which we were designed! Everything outside of Him is merely futile existence.

Even after we’ve begun a relationship with Jesus, it’s very easy to believe, think, feel, speak, and act independently of Him. In fact, in this world’s system, “disconnection” from Christ is our default mode. It takes a conscious act of our faith, through the exercise of our free will, to make and maintain a connection with Him through His Holy Spirit. Because of this, He continually:

  • Allows circumstance designed to raise questions.
  • Invites us to discover the answers to the questions through communion with His Spirit.
  • Offers us the keys of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to build a deepening relationship with Him.
  • Provides vital actions designed to lead us into this relationship. The Holy Spirit reveals Jesus to progressively introduce us to the Father.

“I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.” – John 15:5 KJV

“…Whatsoever is not of faith is sin.” Romans 14:23 KJV

Each of the GAPS crossed is not, initially, a permanent step. We must have “abiding faith” in Christ, which means our decisions must become ways of life as God translates us out of darkness and into His life. This is a process of uprooting old beliefs and mindsets and replacing them with God’s Truth.

The path winds upward as God’s Spirit deepens our understanding of what it means to walk in His ways.

 “The way of life winds upward for the wise, that he may turn away from hell below.” Proverbs 15:24 NKJV

Coaching Objectives

When coaching others through this phase we should give, serve, bless and inform. The goal is to bring clarity towards influencing as many people as possible.

There are two vital behaviors in this phase. They are to:

  • Discover
  • Align

We will discuss these more in The Seven Vital Behaviors of a GAP Crosser.


Understanding what to believe

This phase should be seen as the middle and longest section that the GAP Crosser will endure. It’s where spiritual fission begins and involves the acceptance of the truth that is necessary to permanently cross into our more perfect reality. This part of the journey is about the exposure of blind spots and is often difficult to navigate because it involves the dismantling of our defenses.

This phase is about releasing our voice which happens as we increase our internal capacity through the alignment of beliefs and mindsets with the perspective of God.

This is where we are invited to strip away our projected self, allowing us to exchange our security in this world’s system for faith in God. It’s about discovering grace in Christ through the power of His Spirit. This grace brings us into an abundant relationship with God through confrontation with our greatest fears and deliverance from them.

This phase challenges the sources of our sense of security. As we cross over into the second leg of the journey, God’s Word and Spirit work together to teach us where we should and should not put our faith. We see glimpses into God’s perspective and begin to learn what to believe. When fission begins, everything changes.

As we continue a relationship with Jesus, God challenges our heart by allowing things that we put faith in to be tested. As we exercise His Word and apply the gifts of the Spirit, we overcome internal and external obstacles. Confident independence becomes our default mode in this phase. Through all this, God is testing the purity of our love and devotion towards Him.

Through this part of the journey, God:

  • Sets boundaries on the enemy’s attacks against us.
  • Invites us to exchange self-confidence for faith in Christ’s grace.
  • Continues to offer us the keys of knowledge, understanding and wisdom to build a deepening relationship with Him.

Coaching Objectives

When coaching others through this phase we should walk the balance between creating pattern interrupts and serving to exhort, encourage, and console the GAP Crosser. The goal is to act as a catalyst to equip some who are ready. 

There are three vital behaviors in this phase. They are to:

  • Relate
  • Receive
  • Respond

We will discuss these more in The Seven Vital Behaviors of a GAP Crosser.

 Uniting to become ONE

This is the final phase of the GAP Crosser and where spiritual fusion happens.

This phase is about genuine productivity (fruitfulness over busyness), where we find our significance in His love, rather than through our possessions or accomplishments. This is where we reveal God’s glory, as He declares us to be His sons and daughters.

This phase is about the expression of our true purpose, which is God’s contribution to the world, through our unique genius. This is about the distribution of practical needs pointing to the Father’s love and delivered, both by natural giving and accompanying signs and wonders. 

This phase challenges the false sources of our significance. As we cross over into the third section of the journey we move past a veil of defensive, self-consciousness.

This opens the “abyss” of hidden, secret things from which God wants to deliver us. This is the place where we must move beyond the limits of our understanding, and where we are “scarcely saved” (1 Peter 4:18). God alone can hold and deliver us. This is the place where imitation is transfigured into being. This is where fusion begins, and the fragments of our lives are reassembled to glorify God. Once again, everything changes. This time, old things are made new!

This phase is about increased productivity; the transition from busyness to fruitfulness (alignment with God’s purpose through accurate delivery and timing).

 Christ is our Life. Our confidence is in Him, alone. We become an extension of Him, a member of His own body, revealing Him to the rest of the world. Through Christ, we interact directly with the Father. God confirms His own work through signs and wonders. This is meant to confirm our relationship with Him and to establish us as His witnesses.

Through this part of the journey God:

  • Manifests the work that Christ accomplished on the cross.
  • Puts the enemy’s authority under Christ’s feet (us).
  • Destroys the work of the enemy.
  • Removes burdens and sets captive people free.
  • Reveals our manifest destiny – to be ONE with Him – to release His contribution through us on the earth.

Coaching Objectives

When coaching others through this phase we should invite them into our connection with God.  The goal is to coach and mentor the few who are ready.

There are two vital behaviors in this phase. They are to:

  • Serve
  • Transform

We will discuss these more in The Seven Vital Behaviors of a GAP Crosser.